Marie Persson has for the past five years worked with sustainable development in different international organisations including Food Climate Research Network (University of Oxford) and UNDP Oslo Governance Centre (as intern and short term consultant). She is versatile and enjoy working in teams towards mutual goals and has a problem solving, positive attitude and good organisational skills. Her work experience includes facilitating knowledge exchange and dialgoues in multi-stakeholder settings, coordinating communications and outreach activities, effective project management and communicating the policy and science of sustainable development with a particular emphasis on sustainable food systemsMarie’s interest, academic studies and work experiences have been focused on governance issues at the intersection of development/environment: sustainable agriculture and food, democratic governance and social accountability, aid effectiveness, livelihoods and smallholder farmers. She holds a bachelor degree in Political Science from Uppsala University and is completing a Masters in International Administration and Global Governance at Gothenburg University. She has also completed master-level studies in Communication for Development. Marie is fluent in English, has an excellent command of Spanish as well as several years of experience from jobs requiring good intercultural communication skills. Her country work experience includes: Spain,Honduras, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom.