Sanjay Gathia has two decades of experience working on human rights and social development in the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked with a range of stakeholders ranging from NGOs, Corporate Sector, INGOs, IGOs, Government Institutions, Election Commissions, and Media.

His experience ranges from development & ESC rights, civil and political rights, Business/Extractive Industries and HR Violations, Children’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Refugee Rights and Humanitarian Responses, Forced Migration, Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Election Observations & Political Reforms, Inclusive Representation & Governance, and business and regional integration challenges in ASEAN region.

He has also worked in Senior Management Roles in some of the organisations he has worked with and contributed to its organizational development, advocacy & capacity building strategy development, new programs development, operational management and long-term planning.

He is an energetic individual who is not averse to taking radical new approaches to trouble-shoot challenges, with a never give up attitude. Has a learning mind, a rational questioning attitude, with a sense of adventure, a   natural team player, and a sociable person.