The key to achieving organizational success depends largely on the way strategic objectives are shared and interpreted among its key stakeholders. However, the multi-level organizational structure and inconsistent information filtration at each level reduces the clarity in informational discourse.  The cornerstone of any effective engagement with stakeholders is to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Trancivic seeks to actively rectify the asymmetric flow of information in a dynamic multi-stakeholder environment. We will assess information needs of audience, plan and implement programmes by deploying communication products so as to achieve minimal friction in the information pipeline. This synchronization is vital in achieving the maximum potential of an organization or a project. With the collective experience of our advisors and consultants in both government and business environment, Trancivic will deliver tailor-made solutions to any complex communication problem.

Trancivic offers services in the following domains:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Management
  • Campaign Planning & Implementation
  • Web Development & Content Management
  • Brand Identity & Marketing
  • Corporate Communication
  • Social Media Communication
  • Strategic Advocacy

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