Policy advisory envisages a holistic problem solving approach that is actionable on the ground rather than being an armchair analysis in the policy space.  Our bottom-up approach seeks to provide end-to-end solutions from identifying the root cause of the problem through implementing, monitoring and evaluating progress. A data driven analysis integrated with economic viability, social acceptability and political pragmatism ensures sustainable solutions to even complex policy challenges.

Trancivic leverages its ability to engage multiple stakeholders and draw critical insights through diverse ground perspectives. Leveraging on these insights, Trancivic produces evidence-based reports that lead to pragmatic solutions for faster on-ground implementation. A consensus-based solution decreases lead time in implementation and thus has higher success rate.

Our focus areas include:

  • Policy Background Research
  • Issue Mapping
  • Policy Formulation
  • Sectoral Policy Advice (Health, Education, Women, and Environment)
  • Policy Monitoring Framework
  • Accountability and Effective Governance Framework
  • Governance Assessments

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