Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can play a transformative role in society by providing data-driven technological solutions to real world problems. We view ICT as a strategic tool where technology is combined with imagination and creativity to provide reliable, scalable, secure, economic, and efficient solutions. In a connected world, access to information is the key to empowering people. ICT can play an important role by providing alternate channels of information dissemination and service delivery for creating awareness – a pre-requisite for the success of any government schemes. The defining feature is the capability to scale up any project and increase its impact manifold.

Trancivic integrates within its project architecture, IT elements that enable easy monitoring and real-time feedback that reduces costs and increases productivity.  Our team comprises competent ERP consultants and IT experts who have experience in governments, NGOs and civil society bodies.

Our focus area includes:

  • E-Governance
  • M-governance
  • Analytics
  • Tech-Innovation
  • IT Monitoring
  • Online Report Card

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